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Do No Harm But Take No Shit T-Shirt

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Keep your karma clean; move forward in the world with kindness and care for those around you. But when someone steals your parking space, point to your shirt and give ‘em the finger. Professionally screen printed on our classic fitted tee; black or charcoal t-shirt, white ink. Limited edition.

100% Cotton


Most of us have an early memory surrounding a t-shirt; that souvenir shirt you pined for on a family vacation, that obnoxious holiday sweater your grandma bought you that smelled like moth balls, that shirt you bought at your first concert, that shirt your mom insisted you wear, the oversized tee of a lover you spent Saturday mornings sipping coffee in, that shirt that’s been in your drawer so long it’s now perfectly tattered, an oldie but goody. I was a college student in San Francisco and I explored the city much like a tourist would. I can still envision the little souvenir shop I bought the first piece of clothing for my not-yet conceived child. It had a trolly on it, navy banding around the neck and arms, and the most classic script that read ‘San Francisco’. All three of my sons have worn it, all these years later. It hung out in my closet while I traveled the world, moved cities, got married, moved cities again, until I had my first son - nearly six years after buying it in that little souvenir shop. I remember getting a bloody nose in elementary school and looking down at my hypercolor shirt, wondering if the blood would cause it to turn a different color. I remember getting lost in a shopping mall, searching for my dad not by face but by the 'I'm the boss' shirt he had on that day.


How do I practice mindfulness?
To cultivate awareness, observe your thoughts and emotions and explore why those specific ideas might be surfacing. To cultivate acceptance, avoid judging or pushing away unpleasant thoughts. Emotions are natural and everyone has them—acknowledging them can help you understand yourself better and move forward.

How can I be more mindful?
Mindfulness can help bring you into the present moment throughout the day. As you wake up, you can focus on your breathing and the way your body gradually becomes more energized. You can incorporate a brief meditation into your work day, perhaps on your lunch break, and focus and appreciate the experience of eating during meals.

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Do No Harm But Take No Shit | Black - BY THE PEOPLE SHOP
Do No Harm But Take No Shit | Black - BY THE PEOPLE SHOP



    Few practical ways to slow down.

    1. Pay attention to what gets your attention.
    2. Be present.
    3. Put the cell phone away.
    4. Focus on the people in front of you.
    5. Drive the speed limit. 
    6. Accept your limitations.
    7. Make time to have fun.
    8. Practice silence.

    If you’ve ever found yourself rushing through your morning routine in a frenzied state, only to feel like the rest of your day is a blur, you know how important it is to start the day off slowly.

    When we treat our mornings like a to-do list, we set the tone for the rest of the day. We become impatient, stressed, and focused on checking things off our list instead of taking the time to enjoy the moment.

    Everything changes when you give yourself enough morning time. You can enjoy every sip of coffee or tea, savour your breakfast, and even sneak in some meditation (more on that later).

    You may even find that you can get more done throughout the day because you’re not rushing around constantly in a state of stress. So if you want to live slowly and savour every moment, start by giving yourself a slow morning routine.


    Spending quality time outdoors is essential for slowing down and reconnecting as a family.

    There are countless ways to enjoy nature, from discovering new plants and animals with the kids to simply sprawling out on your deck at night to gaze up at the stars.

    Perhaps one of the most satisfying things about spending time outside is watching something new grow or bloom under your care. Whether it’s nurturing sunflowers or planting a small vegetable garden together, these activities foster a sense of wonder and curiosity and help us feel connected to our environment and each other as we tend to nature’s cycles together.


    When it comes to embracing silence, I’ve always struggled. I’ve viewed silence as dull and lifeless — something to be avoided. But I realise that there’s much beauty and wisdom in taking the time to slow down and cultivate stillness. We’re constantly exposed to noises, from the TV blaring in the background to the music pumping through our headphones.

    By making your room or house completely silent, you can appreciate the small sounds often drowned out by background noise. This includes the sound of your own breath, the crunch of leaves as you walk, or the soft murmur of a loved one sleeping next to you. Additionally, enjoying a quiet meal can be a profoundly satisfying experience. Chewing noises and all, it can be incredibly calming to savour each bite without distractions. Likewise, listening to birds or embracing the white noise of people in the heart of a busy city can help you appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

    By disconnecting from the constant noise, we can reconnect with ourselves and experience the world around us in a whole new way.

    So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break from the noise and give yourself a chance to relax and experience slow living truly.